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If you haven’t noticed, apps are taking over the world. Whether in your Chrome browser or your iPhone, it seems like there’s an app for everything.

Oddly enough, there is room for more. What you may have noticed in your world is that there is a need for an app that will improve X, Y and Z. This could be the X, Y and Z that affects millions of users in an industry OR it effects just a handful of people within your office.

Your app can reside on a web server to be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection, or it can be a native iPhone or Droid app. Or it can be a hybrid of the two. Knowing your audience and how they will use this app is important.

The good news is that anyone, whether you are technical or not, can design an app to solve a problem. By design, we mean that you:

If you can articulate all of the above and the details into a written document, and include simple sketches to clarify written concepts, then you can have an app developed more easily than someone who cannot articulate it. If you can’t articulate it fully, then spend more time to think things through. Bringing in a developer too early can become expensive or frustrating. Developers are not mind readers. Good developers can take your idea, concepts and all of your documentation to develop technical specifications to define what platform will this exist on, what programming language is required, etc.

No matter where you are with your app idea, if you’d like to run it by a developer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing ideas!

Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

#pillardev loves app ideas


Since 1997, Pillar Development has been developing software solutions for business problems. Long before good ole WordPress existed, we were making content management systems for websites so that our customers didn’t need us to make simple changes to their site.

Even though WordPress provides a robust solution for bloggers and content-heavy sites, it’s not the only tool in the shed that we know and love. We also work with Magento which we use for heavy-trafficked e-commerce sites. We also have worked and built sites with Drupal, Joomla, Agility and Expression Engine. Most content management systems are made from the programming language PHP, which is also at our core of capabilities. It’s also what we used since 1997 to develop custom web-based solutions. And as is generally (best) practiced today, we develop web-based apps that are responsive so they automatically and instantly convert to work with mobile devices that may be accessing the app.

Web-based apps are not the only kind of apps that we make. We also make apps that run on iOS devices such as all flavors of the iPhone and iPad. We also make apps for Droid devices. It all depends on what our clients’ needs are.

What Makes Us Stand Out

When you work with #pillardev, you will begin the entire process with our diversely-experienced and intrepid team leader and CEO, Richard D. Lee.

Richard is the “app whisperer.” He can, from the first few ways you describe your app, piece together in his head a mash up of existing apps that would do the trick of defining your idea. You know how Hollywood types might describe the film Alien as “Jaws in space?” Well, Richard has that knack too for apps and solving the technical unknown. He downloads a lot of apps for Chrome and for iPhone and iPad, and doesn’t like all that he sees or pays for. He also makes apps for our company to streamline our internal procedures.

When it comes to working with you, his goals are to fully understand your goals and your app idea. He will save you money, time and headaches through proper assessment of needs and planning of your project. We do not accept every challenge that comes our way but as long as your  constraints of time and budget are realistic, we are willing to work with you. With all projects, we must first understand the primary goal of the app inventor. No goal is too stupid or lofty, but given your time and budget constraints, it may be impossible for the first version.

Too often, and unfortunately, entrepreneurs or appreneurs, as Richard likes to call them, come to us having been burned by a previous developer. They are immensely frustrated and gun shy. That situation could have been prevented by reading up on the topic of hiring developers. Richard personally writes all of our blog posts related to developing and working with a developer to get your project done. We encourage you to read our blog and share it with anyone you know who is seriously interested in developing an app and doesn’t want to lose money, time and faith.

The images found between the pages as you scroll represent our current body of work.
As you can see they span a wide variety of purposes and platforms.

We love a good conversation around apps. So, if you’re game, please give us a call or email Richard directly.


A lot of people come knocking on our door looking to make the next killer app. Often, these engineers of life are lacking some of the key ingredients to begin a reasonable conversation around developing an app with a professional developer. Showing up with a big smile and some paper napkins is a start but if you follow the checklist here, you’re sure to hit it off with us.

About Us

These days we meet a lot of good folks who’ve been, unfortunately, burned by a bad development experience. They tried to make something and somewhere during the process things didn’t work out between them and their developers.

This is not uncommon. And this is where we stick out of the muddy waters. We listen to your needs and also want to hear how and why you think things got ugly.

We don’t take very project that comes our way but we do evaluate your project extensively to determine if we can safely handle all those cans of worms or not. At the end of the day, and as confident as we are in the technology, it’s the relationship, and a great long lasting one, that we seek.

Pillar Development is another side of a Pillar Support, in that we solves business problems through software technology, either as a web-based, responsive application, a hybrid application (using PhoneGap) or as a native application for iOS and for Droid devices. Which it is, depends on your project’s intended audience and budget.

We seek projects where we can play an advisory role as well as a technical lead. As a technology consultant we have been involved with many different types of companies which affords us a lot of lateral knowledge.

Our competitive advantage comes from our president and Chief at Large, Richard Lee.

At the wee age of 14, long before the Internet and iPhones, Richard was handling a CP/M computer navigating the only two apps he had to ‘play’ with: WordStar and an accounting package. While his friends were playing shoot up games on Atari 800′s and Commodore 64′s, Richard pretended he was running a business by writing fictitious letters and learning how money flowed in and out of a company with his two business apps.

Fast forward to today, Richard heads both sides of his company in two major cities (NY & LA). He is a thought leader and advisor to many companies that are interested in e-commerce, gamification, and business process automation. He mingles with other thinkers, entrepreneurs and bosses without borders. He seeks a balance between work and life, and ensures that life is always in the lead.

He has an incredible passion for technology and solving problems for any business and for society.


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